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Who We are

Who We are

Adservio Global Ministries (AGM) is a faith-based nonprofit organization (NGO) that operates independently of, but in tandem with, government regulations. Our purpose is to address social and humanitarian issues worldwide for impoverished or underdeveloped communities for the attainment of wellbeing for everyone.

Our Vision


To see impoverished global communities flourish by equipping local leaders through education, resourcing, and sustainable enterprises to meet the basic physical, social, and spiritual needs of their people.


Our Mission


AGM’s mission is to serve the world one community at a time. By partnering with global organizations, global workers, and international communities to survey and assess immediate and long-term needs, we can develop holistic and sustainable opportunities for meeting those needs. These endeavors help to empower national leaders in developing their communities by giving aid through a variety of projects, programs, and job placement options.​

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Adservio Global ministries


Adservio – We take a posture of service. Our focus is seeking to help people where the help is needed, while assisting communities to the point of empowering nationals instead of enabling the needy. We want to love people through service in such a way that communities are better for it without the influence of agendas, cultural bias, “voluntourism”, or enabling.


References - John 3:30, Matthew 25:40-45, Philippians 2:2-4, and John 13:12-17

Global – We have a willingness to work with people from any culture, background, upbringing, or perspective. We will not compete to outdo or out maneuver organizations who are doing great works for communities abroad. Striving for a worldwide family through global communities creates a belonging that catalyzes diverse synergy. No one of us is as good as all of us put together, and we can do more for the world together if we work together for like-minded service options.


References - Romans 12:16-18, Romans 12:10, 1 Peter 2:17, 1 Corinthians 10:33, Hebrews 12:14


Ministries – Why we do what we do is above all the most important factor in our work. What we do will be secondary to why we serve, and will always be an overflow of who we are. People are at the heart of every effort, which is why AGM can minister to people’s spiritual, psychological, and emotional needs just as much as physical ones.


References - John 13:35, Mark 12:30-31, 1 John 4:7 John 15:13

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Values & Convictions

  1. Willingness and Intentionality - Stepping outside of one’s comfort to extend a hand to someone in need takes a willingness to say yes to the unknown and an intentional effort to go beyond oneself.  At the heart of AGM is the belief that people are worth stepping out for and worth the intentional effort needed to reach out to. 

  2. Openness and Authenticity – AGM is open to partnering, serving, working, and collaborating with people from all walks of life to see people’s physical needs met according to the standards set forth by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's), but we are unashamedly followers of Jesus Christ in faith-practice, purpose, and passion.

  3. Integrity and Respect – Everything we do is geared to be a representation of believing in something bigger than ourselves. That being said, how we do our work is just as important as how we serve people with our work. AGM strives to partake in meaningful service while exuding excellence in our professionalism and interpersonal relationships.

  4. Consistency and Communication – Growth is vital to the vision and mission of AGM, but not at the expense of changing who we are. Our values, our work ethic, and our message are what we hope to communicate every day consistently. So, it is our hope to diligently remain transparent in all the long-term goals we hope to accomplish as well as the ins-and-out of our day to day efforts. In doing so, we remain accountable to maintaining people’s trust while we spread the good news of helping those in need.

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