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Volunteer & intern

People are the key aspect for any AGM project, program, and placement services to thrive. AGM functions when people are passionately eager to implement these recurring programs as well as to initiate these one-time projects. People can function both on the international level as well as in domestic domains. Without people coming together to serve globally, AGM’s efforts would cease to exist. Consider joining us today!


Jamey Pritchard

Stateside Volunteer

"Having a heart for missions work, but not feeling called to go overseas has made me feel trapped at times. Yet, volunteering with AGM stateside has provided me with the outlet needed to fulfill my passion for global work while remaining present in my current position. I feel the work I'm doing to have real impact, both for this team and the global kingdom."


Natalie Hayes

Internship (6 Months)

"I have prayerfully decided to intern overseas with AGM come this January. Even though the planning process has been uncertain due to Covid, AGM has done a fantastic job reaching out, keeping me up-to-date, and walking through the next steps with me. I already feel like I am apart of the AGM family and I haven't even left yet!" 


Evan Meinke

Long Term Placement

"I have been serving in Vietnam for almost two years now, and have been blessed to see relationships built, students taught, and spiritual growth for everyone involved. All in all, worth every bit of it."


Ms. Tram

International Partner

"Beforehand, I actually didn't know about AGM until I received an intern who is now an employee at our School of Light International Academy. It's a privilege to work with a person who is willing to help support our school to teach English and share the Gospel to students at Chapel Hour weekly. I always thank AGM for joining our team in Saigon-Vietnam and hope to continue seeing God do great things here. May God bless your ministry and family."

Interested in volunteering with AGM? Pursuing full-time work for AGM, or going overseas long-term?

Inquire here for more information.

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