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Being globally minded does not mean you need to go overseas in order to connect. Local Partners are vital to the global efforts we do. Without stateside advocates, ambassadors, donors, churches, and companies who are willing to give their time, efforts, and resources we would not be able to cultivate transformative relationships with global communities for sustainable impact. Every person is valued for the part they play in giving aid, whether it be going abroad or just “liking” our Social Media pages, because global work is not only about one donor giving a large amount - it’s about many donors giving a little. Our goal at AGM is to serve local partners by providing platforms for international engagement that best builds a bridge between those with a giving hand to the ones who need a hand.


Learn more about how you can support the global initiatives through the ease of your home,

your local church, or a stateside event or opportunity with AGM.

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Global Partners

AGM’s network of global partners enables individuals and teams to navigate the vast opportunities available for global engagement. There are many great NGO’s and International Companies that have already established footprints in areas by the amazing work they are doing. Instead of trying to make our mark in these countries and communities, we seek to come alongside and serve these organizations by boosting their impact. If AGM can resource these initiatives while outsourcing skillsets, we can see a team effort in developing communities worldwide. Many hands make for light work, and in linking arms with other organizations we can see a better tomorrow today.


Looking for more support in your international efforts?

Connect with us and see how we can partner with your NGO or International Ministry. 

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International Communities










International Communities are the access point to knowing and meeting needs accurately and appropriately in each country. The national leaders know the culture and the context of these communities and have a heart to bless their countrymen and women. Partnering with these national leaders ensures that we at AGM are assisting in ways that pour into the cultural context rather than taking away or supplanting their heritage. We want international communities to flourish and that means allowing the nationals to reach the nationals. AGM serves best when we follow the nationals' lead when it comes to serving. In the end we are all better for it!


Want to engage or connect with an international community abroad?

Or do you have an international community in need that you think AGM could help serve?

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